about me

My name is Tifany Lee and I am a wife, mother, and artist and performer on a mission to bring natural wellness to everyone.

Who am I to be preaching the message of a natural lifestyle? For so long, I was the modern version of the starving artist. My career in the arts was a lesson in resourcefulness. And while everyone around me lead busy lives with “realistic” goals, I strove passionately towards my creative projects with a vehemence the likes of which Van Gogh himself would be proud.

At some point in my past while I was contemplating the downright expensiveness of a tray of Maybelline eyeshadow (forget L’Oreal or, God forbid, the outrageously expensive Estee Lauder), my conviction that makeup was important to my life crumbled. I had always been the DIY girl by necessity before there was such a thing as the Do-It-Yourself movement. The dishwasher is broken? Take it apart and then put it back together. Voilà! Guess what, it works again. I have found this to be the case with most everything. You don’t need it and most things just need to be fastened up again. Or cleaned. For so long, I didn’t have the resources for the daily needs of life because musical instruments are expensive. And I like food.

There is no inbetween in art.

It turns out that the lifestyle I couldn’t afford is not healthy. I have watched in horror as the modern lifestyle seems to do everything but be a convenience for those who live in it. It is stressful, unhealthy, and disconnected from spirit. The National Institute of Mental Health has revealed that 75-90% of all doctor’s visits are directly related to stress, and yet instead of just stopping the stress we add more physical stress to our bodies with toxic medications. It is insanity. Are you tired? Sleep!

Things may be different for me now that I have achieved a lot of the artistic goals that I have set out to, but I still carry with me my natural lifestyle, the outcome of which is wellness. It turns out that my choices have lead me down the healthier path in life. I have not overeaten regularly for decades and my body is agile from my moderate diet. My lack of resources for the overwhelmingly expensive cosmetic and beauty industry has saved me from slathering myself with toxic chemicals that, were I a conspiracy theorist, I would think was a direct collusion with the healthcare industry. Instead, I have made my own beauty products for years out of purely natural ingredients for pennies on the dollar.

The stillness of an artistic lifestyle — artists cannot be busy people, but must reside in our studios with our work — has given me a deep reservoir within myself from which my creativity flows. I watch helplessly as loved ones around me spin dizzily into stressed mindsets and unhealthy lifestyle habits. But I can stop the madness for someone who is desperate to get off the merry-go-round and design their life instead of it being designed for them. Finding your unique form of expression is imperative to be able to have the strength needed to make healthier choices. It takes courage to go against the grain. My spirit is buoyed with hope and faith that others can choose wellness as my path is strengthened each day by walking upon it.

I have realized that beauty is in no way related to the external images or ideas placed upon us by others, but a healthy body with a full emotional range of expression, a positive mindset, and a spirit of giving back to the communities in which we live.

Wellness happens across body, mind, and spirit. I believe that their is a fourth connector in this triad of our existence and it lies at the center of the triangle — emotion. We can cultivate emotion and become the masters of our universe. Until then, we are adrift without the direction of our True North.

My journey has lead me to the place I am now where I have a string of accomplishments under my belt across the artistic spectrum. I am a wife to my biggest fan and the happy mom to an adorable toddler who is the sunshine of my life. I want her, more than anything, to know that a beautiful life is her birthright.


I began in the arts as an actress and dancer where I learned the importance of posture and expression in creating a character’s emotional life and outward appearance. This lead me to playwriting where I learned that we are the summation of our words. Playwriting naturally flowed into music which, for me, is a holy place and a place where I worship. Whether or not the songs I sing are hymns, breath carrying words through harmony and melody is an act of magic.

After recording and releasing several albums, I went back to grad school to bring my artistic career into the 21st century and gained my Masters of the Fine Arts (MFA) from the University of Georgia. While there, I taught film history and theory to undergrads, film production to kids, and worked as a graphic artist in the Biological Sciences to create animation and design tests for scientific principles. I gained so much technical training in this intense endeavor that is called grad school and it sparked for me, again, a deep love of learning and personal development.

After grad school, I received certification to teach yoga and group fitness for the elderly and those with compromised health. This lead me back to my original roots in dance and revealed to me the importance of centering our existence in the body: standing up and stepping away so that we can focus on breath, gentle stretch, and positive shifts in mindset. I have worked extensively with children throughout my career and have embraced the child’s deft ability to find joy in the every day. This is where we started our lives. This state is where we should stay.