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Who this is for:

This course is for people who would like to keep a daily journal or have tried but cannot seem to conquer the blank page. Or perhaps you have been keeping a daily journal but have plateaued and need a new approach. Seasoned journalers love learning new methods!


  • Your own Vision Book by the end of the 4-Week course. That is 90 pages you will have written in bite sized, doable 3-page increments.
  • Clarified purpose.
  • Deal with difficult and strong emotions.
  • Re-ignite the passion in your life.
  • Learn the power of intention and how powerful that is for manifesting in your life.
  • Cementing the habit of journaling to use for a lifetime.
  • Learn mistakes to avoid when journaling.
  • A community of like-minded people.

I have kept a daily journal for over a decade. Whenever friends or family confide in me about a problem they are having, I always recommend journaling. Usually the response is:

I don’t have time.

From my perspective, especially if you are experiencing a problem, you don’t have time not to journal. Instead of letting your thoughts spin you deeper into anxiety and depression, take hold of your thoughts by getting them out on paper. The process of recording them is also a process of releasing. It makes it easier to see patterns and make conscious decisions about values, goals, and direction.

Use my experience to learn how to journal most effectively. Learn from my mistakes—don’t spin your wheels complaining for a couple of years as I did when I first started. While I would rather write than not write, I know how to make the process efficient for life design.

This 4 week course features:

  • A weekly workshop covering the 4 weekly modules: creating a grand vision in the big picture, making actionable goals, dealing with the shadow self, and creating in detail by using mind, body, spirit, and emotion.
  • Daily 3-page worksheets with directed prompts for short answer and long form responses designed to kickstart your journal process.
  • Access to the Vision Book Journal Challenge Facebook group for community support.
  • An online Q&A session for 1 on 1 attention.

The Vision Book Course is 100% guaranteed. If this method does not work for you, I will refund your money back upon showing that you have interacted with the course.

If you are interested in getting your slot in this online class, message me below and I will send you the link for pre-registration.

I can’t wait to see you in the Challenge. You are going to love it.