Simplicity Printable Angel Card Deck


(3) pages 8.5″ x 11″ downloadable pdf

100 angel card prompts, 20 blanks — once cut, the cards are:  2 1/10″ x 1  1/10″

This printable does not have a grid guide for cutting. A simple how-to video below shows how to easily cut the cards with a paper cutter.


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Printable Angel Card deck can be printed out on cardstock and cut. Here is a how-to.

You will need:

  • . 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock
  • . a paper cutter
  • . your printable angel card sheets
  • . a decorative bowl or box for display

I used a shimmery cardstock for my deck of angel cards.

I then cut each row at about 1 1/10″, or 1″ and 1 dash on my paper cutter. I am not precise here. I eyeball also to make sure that I am not cutting off any words. I am not worried about attaining the perfection of our manufactured decks as I do not have the time or tools to file down each card to one size. My interest is in getting a workable deck for messages from the angels! Besides, the cards usually are stored in a pile in a bowl or box and will look largely uniform. The last row of each page needs to be trimmed slightly to the 1″ and 1 dash mark.

Once I have cut each row of 4 words, I then cut each row in half to 4 1/4″ or 4″ and 2 dashes. This cuts each row of 4 words into 2 rows of 2 words each. I then cut the 2 words in half at the 2 1/10″ or 2″ and 1 dash mark.

You now have 100 angel card prompts! The blank space on the last page can be cut at the same size for personal messages to the self for visualizing dreams or prayers for loved one.

You can also use decorative or patterned paper and print on the clear side of the paper for a more decorative deck.

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