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7 Power Questions

Tony Robbins Journal Prompts

Tony Robbins is my guru lately. I am fascinated with harnessing emotions to focus energy and change your life. The subject took hold of my head after I managed to change my world by changing my perspective on what was happening, literally I just changed how I felt and everything changed. I began asking myself empowering questions that built me up instead of dragging me down. The topic is also Robbins’ obsession and he has done A LOT of study on the subject—his entire career.

Use his Power Questions to start your day off and ignite your passion and purpose.

  1. What am I happy about in my life now? What about that makes me happy? How does that make me feel? If you’re not so happy right now, then what *could* make you happy?  How would that make you feel?
  2. What am I excited about in my life now? What about that makes me excited? How does that make me feel? If you’re not so excited about anything in your life right now, what *could* make you excited?  How would that make you feel?
  3. What am I proud about in my life now? What about that makes me proud? How does that make me feel? If you’re not so proud about anything in your life right now, what *could* make you proud?  How would that make you feel?
  4. What am I grateful about in my life now? What about that makes me grateful? How does that make me feel? If you’re not so grateful about anything in your life right now, what *could* make you grateful? How would that make you feel?
  5. What am I enjoying in my life right now? What about that do I enjoy? How does that make me feel? If you’re not enjoying anything in your life right now, what *could* you enjoy?  How would that make you feel?
  6. What am I committed to in my life right now? What about that makes me committed? How does that make me feel? If you’re not so committed to anything in your life right now, what *could* you be committed to? How would that make you feel?
  7. Who do I love? Who loves me?

Starting off your day by focusing on positives invigorates and channels your energy. Similarly, end your day with power.

The Evening Power Questions:

  1. What have I been given today? In what ways have I been a giver?
  2. What did I learn today?
  3. How has today added to the quality of my life or how can I use today as an investment in my future?
  4. Repeat the Morning Questions (optional).

from Awaken the Giant Within.

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25 of the Best Christmas Printables (and a Happy New Year)


click here for pdf

Let every heart rejoice. Christmas printables are here!

Ah, that wonderful time of the year when we celebrate and spend a lot more time with family and give gifts. I can’t wait for my gifts until Christmas so I am filling out my Christmas wish list — with checkboxes for checking them off — with lots of different gift ideas:

  • stuff I want
  • stuff I want to give
  • dreams for the new year
  • help I would like to have
  • crafts to make
  • thank you cards
click here for pdf

Half of the page is for others. But half of the page is for yourself. Don’t forget you in the hustle and bustle of this holiday.

click here for pdf

“Joy to the world!”

Next, we have a curated list of the best and funnest free printables for Christmas and New Year’s: cards, tags, boxes, gifts, calendars, bucket lists, digital papers…so many goodies! Click the images to link to the download pages.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Christmas Cards & Tags

Maiko Nagao

“Here’s another freebie for you all! Holiday gift tags so your prezzies can be as spunky as can be. If you like my wrapping idea, it’s super easy! All you have to do is wrap your gift in white paper and use two strips of washi tape. Gotta love washi! x” ~ Maiko Nagao

Free Pretty Things for You

“Gorgeous mason floral tags: Use them for pretty packaging, wedding images, stickers or pretty note paper!”

Greeting Island

Printable Christmas Greeting Card – Watercolor Wreath. Add and edit text before downloading a personal Christmas card.

We are Scout

Set of 8 coloring Christmas cards.

“It’s a lovely way to take some time out and really switch off, focus on mindfulness, relaxation and being present in the moment.”

Decorations, gifts, and boxes

Cut, then color!

“This cute festive printable is FREE to download and comes with three pre-colored and three ready-to-color Christmas Characters. They’re just the right size for little hands…”


“Makeover your tree with festive homemade trimmings. To create this pretty ornament, all you need is six strips of paper and a scrap of ribbon. Punch a hole in each strip at each end, and fold the ends down. Then flatten strips again and stack together. Knot one end of ribbon and thread it through the bottom holes, then through the top. Knot the ribbon at the top, fan out the strips, and hang. It’s a perfect winter-afternoon activity — and the kids will love to help!”

Paper doll corner bookmarks. A-dorable!

Kitten frames, greeting cards and boxes.

Activity Printables

Zentangle Noel.

Meditate in the holiday spirit with a coloring page/activity for kids and adults. A great way to personalize greeting cards as well!

Pick a pattern and draw—like an activity board…for adults!

Family games—Christmas style!

Keep the kids involved and engaged with fun printable games.

Christmas Scattegories.

5×7 Christmas BINGO
(includes 6 .jpg playing boards, 1 .jpg game piece sheet,
plus all 5×7 images formatted in a 8.5×11 pdf document for easy home-printing)

Christmas I-Spy.

“My kids love printable search and find games. Search and find games are easy to bring on the go, for car rides, or waiting rooms, or bringing along to restaurants.”

Photo booth props—how fun!

“These super cute props will surely help you with the celebration, festivity and fun of Christmas.”

Vintage Grey

Of course, no Christmas is complete without Christmas caroling. These printable vintage-style Christmas carols can also double as Christmas ornaments.


For scrapbooking aficionados, free digital papers.

Kerstin Wehle

This adorable printable paper can perform double duty for notes and coloring…or both!

Far Far Hills

I love these papers for scrapbooking and wrapping smaller presents—so lush.

Out of Office Blog

“There’s something very special about receiving a greeting card in the mail. Maybe it’s because technology and social media have taken the place of sending letters? Getting a note in the mail simply doesn’t happen quite as often as it did years ago. Or maybe they are so special because you know the person sending the card took time out of their day to think of you!”

Elegance and Enchantment

“Live the life you’ve imagined,” and 99 other inspirational art printables.

Craft Your Home

I love this cute and quirky Bucket List to get ready for the New Year. I don’t make resolutions…I make mega, massive lists!

I am seeing a theme in my travels for the perfect day planner. Apparently, people can fit their to-do lists on one page of paper. Really? That is all I am supposed to be allowed to accomplish?? I work mightily. I accomplish a lot, but perhaps I do plan too much into my week and this is how my bigger dreams get away.

Here are some cute printable calendar ideas.

“Included in this free printable set is a monthly calendar for January 2017 through December 2017. In addition, there is a weekly planner you can print out and use to organize your weeks. There is room to jot down appointments, tasks and important dates for each day of the week, along with a section to list things to do and notes. Can I just say I love the pretty flowers on these pages? So pretty!”

Alice and Lois

“At the beginning of the year, I always try to start things off very organized. I have to admit, I am a traditionalist when it comes to keeping my to do’s. There is just something so rewarding about checking off things on paper.”

This versatile paper can be used in a myriad of ways: design your own to-do checklist or print out on sticker paper and cut for gorgeous organizational notes.

The Typical Mom

Va-va-va-Voom! Who are you? A calendar that does double duty as a coloring page?? Sign me up, I am in.

I hope you have enjoyed the Christmas edition and will be busy with the Christmas printing spirit. I would love to see how all of your Christmas projects turn out! Leave a comment below or join us at our Facebook group Society. We would love to connect!

Merry Christmas!

~ Tifany


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Study Your Heart

Click here for pdf


Facebook. Eating patterns. Routes of travel. Thought patterns.

I find thought patterns to be at the base of all successful transformations. It is when I can find the thought pattern that I hold the key to the habit—whatever the habit might be. The state of mindlessness defines habits. When we have the power to unlock the habit, we are free to edit or delete it as we wish.

One of my most successful habit transformations directly resulted in editing a recurring thought pattern.

I hated, HATED cleaning and tidying the house. I hated the mundanity of it. The feminist in me protested that it should even be my job in the first place (even though I have lived alone a significant portion of my life when, yeah, it was my sole responsibility to clean my house or not). I resented that I hadn’t made the money to have someone else clean my house.

I thought about these things A LOT.

I would sit around and not clean the house while thinking about how much I hate cleaning the house. I didn’t make messes so that I wouldn’t have to clean. How do you not make messes? Limit life experience, that’s how. I would clean in the occasional and excruciating sprint/marathon cleaning event to prepare for impending guests and it would always feel like I had just cleaned the tip of the iceberg. The entirety of the mess lay beneath and the house only looked clean. Underneath, my household systems were a mess and a large part of my household frustration was my inability to deal with my problems.

In fact, I thought about cleaning so much so that when I finally did start cleaning with regularity, I noticed that I thought about cleaning less. A lot less. It turns out that I didn’t hate cleaning. I hated thinking about cleaning. Convenient that cleaning is a habit—a beautiful, orderly, mindless habit.

But how did I bridge this gap between the old self and my old habits/thought patterns and the self that I aspired to be? How did I drive from the one place to the other?

I prayed.

My prayer was a last ditch effort, though I had prayed before for a clean house many times. Of course, prayer came after feng shui-ing my home. After I had meditated, affirmed for decades, visualized. I had visions of making a million bucks so I could hire a maid, the substance of these visions never materializing. It became obvious to me despite all of the believing and work that I had put into miraculously creating a transformation that there was, seemingly, no way around cleaning if I wanted a clean house.

So finally I asked for the desire to clean.

“Please God, make me want to clean.”

And it worked.

As simple as that, and in that moment too. Because when I asked, in that way, I realized that the problem was never about money or my relationships with other members in my household or the relationship of my gender to the world. The problem was in my heart: this deep resistance to taking responsibility for my environment, accompanied by fantastical notions—that could all happen, I believe this—but used as the excuse for my lack of responsibility.

Once this epiphany occurred, and boy, it was a big one, the house fell into order quickly with my dedicated efforts. A large once over centered mainly around the organization and culling of Stuff that, it turns out, got in the way of cleaning in the largest way. And then a regular daily habit (and I do mean everyday) of floors, counters, laundry, clutter, and daily chore. The house became immaculate. And ordered. And a pleasure in which to spend time. And a safe haven for my new daughter that necessitated my Hail Mary prayer.

It turns out that I love order. And beauty. Something I would have never realized had I continued fighting myself.

This is how thoughts can get away from us and control our lives. And while I am the biggest proponent of designing your most magical life, I have seen a fantasy used too many times to replace real life. Kinda like the difference between habit and engagement, there is the state of fantastical thinking and dreaming that can never hold a candle to the deep reservoir of feeling that is living within your life’s purpose.


I made a diagram of the process I embraced to make change. I couldn’t fit it onto one sheet of paper so this week’s free printable is three pages long. College ruled. Sorry, for those of you who freeze up at the expanse of paper before you. A big fat you-are-welcome to those who think one page isn’t time enough.

The journey this exercise follows asks for larger and larger increments of divulging what is in your heart. I had to add the synchronicities section and an idea graph as the revelations I received from the connections of the short form page necessitated the addition.

I can’t wait to hear about your epiphanies.


~~ Tifany ~~

Leave a comment or join our Society on Facebook. We would love to connect with you and share your epiphanies in your inspired life design.

Bonus thought experiment:

Decide if you could use your social media connections to specifically change a situation or event in your life. Think harder if all you can come up with is spread love, man. You don’t have to instigate this change or act on it in any way if you so choose. Just to imagine a larger network of help and reward. This is a ridiculous dream assignment.

Next week: The Un-brainwashing.

I have dedicated my life to using my powers for good. I invite you next week to consider a life that doesn’t include what you do not want. I have the secret.

It’s a Wonderful Life.

Speaking of movies, our resident fictional character and film critic, Heroine Taylor, will be arriving to discuss the merits of this film with us and the implications we can utilize in designing beautiful, lovely well-designed lives. She’s a firecracker, that Heroine…Can’t wait to hear what she is on to…

Until then, love.

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Reverse Engineer Your Dream

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Reverse Engineering

Used to understand complicated systems like plumbing and alien technology, reverse engineering is the process of working backwards to solve problems.

It is flawlessly used in this week’s free printable for narrowing focus when inspiration and energy wanes.

Habits are powerful tools, capable of being used for good and evil both. I have recently revolutionized my household with the implementation of habits that have turned my previously chaotic environment into a peacefully ordered home.

Simple, effective habits.

Except for when habits are used for evil and then they are pernicious destroyers of our efficiency, productivity, and goals and dreams.

Is evil too strong a word? I think not.

Would a thief who sneaks into your most precious dream and chips away at it slowly every day not be considered evil? He certainly is not good.

And the thief I am talking about is Facebook. Or Twitter, or video games, or cigarettes, or whatever your poison of choice. I have done all of the above, I am ashamed to say. They all seem innocuous enough when we “just take a minute” to check the twittersphere, when in reality bad habits are a form of procrastination of some form or fashion.

We are resistant, insecure, or lack confidence to move ahead towards wild dreams.

I am not saying we should quit social media altogether or shun fun. The problem arises when we replace engagement with habit. Engagement is being present in the moment. Habit does not require engagement – this is exactly why habit is so powerfully used to systematize processes because it runs without thought. But it is exactly for this reason that habit can become dangerous when we have systematized a process no longer necessary but we are still performing it thoughtlessly.

This is one reason I love the regular check-in that is journaling (or recording or meditating or however it is performed). A thoughtful approach to our lives pays back dividends far beyond the time we put into these self reflective moments.

We could save the time and forever spin our wheels down the wrong road. I personally love plotting my course.

Next week, I can’t wait to share with you my passion for quitting stuff. Learning to love change has so dramatically changed my life that change is my new habit… Something that has served me well in the process of dream attainment. But that, as they say, is a story for another day…



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