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A Tribute to Feminism

The effects of feminism are far reaching and stretch from the gender relations that is the core of the family unit to the society at large in which we screech at each other live. High divorce rates, an overpopulated workforce with a disproportionate amount of children placed in indoctrination centers preschool, exhausted women trying to do everything and be both male and female, beat-down men, gender bending confusion that is likened to a civil rights issue, and a divided country.

Do women need to get out of politics?

Men predicted a hundred years ago (correctly) that women are too emotional for politics. And while progressive women have freed themselves from the burdensome yoke of the male-female relationship, they have been set adrift in the political landscape where they screech at everyone like threatened birds. They have run any strong male influence out of their lives and, as a result, are confused, scared, and unprotected.

Breaking the biology of the male-female relationship isn’t just destructive to the family, it is harmful to the woman who is seeking independence. In reality, there is no such thing as independence—we all have freedom to make choices, but we are interdependent on one another and our society. No amount of regulation will make this otherwise.

As liberal women close themselves off from family and relationships in an attempt to find the autonomy they incorrectly believe men to have, they require the government to act as their man. Saudi Arabian women just received the freedom to drive but must have a man present in the car at all time. American women have the government involved in every aspect of their life. And they still want more: to protect them, to keep them safe… Isn’t this what a man is for?

I am so glad that I broke this militarized indoctrination. I lived in this hell and chaos for most of my life. It is time to save our sisters and daughters and, in so doing, our society.