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I wrote this song with my band Heroine (as in, female hero) in 2014.

Based in Athens, Georgia, every member of Heroine are metal musicians – sludge metal, doom metal, and melodic metal. Everyone, that is, except me. Little ole me who usually played solo acoustic music.

We collaborated for this song and it is one of my favorites for the fact that it combines these elements that alternately soar and dig down…

In the dirt.

This song also has a magical quality for me. While I was imagining my eventual death in this song and finding beauty there (may God bless me with long life and the number of my days He will fulfill), I was also, unbeknownst to me, planting a seed.

I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful baby girl while we were in the studio recording this song. The words I had written either prophetic or magnetic:

Cover me with a blanket of dirt
And one tiny seed
I’ll become one with the earth
And grow into a tree

When I sing it now, my original meaning is far eclipsed by the seed that was planted and the tall mama tree I have grown into.

Blessed be.

That is something I love about songs – their meaning changes so over the years. In that way, they become separate from me as they drift out into the universe.