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Virtual camp for adults

Are you?

Scared of the world outside?

Do you hate men?

Do you hate yourself?

Do you hate politics?

Are you a feminist?

Addicted to your phone?


I will make you:




A warrior

Present in your life



Enjoy your life

I have successfully escaped the cult of progressive indoctrination and can teach you the simple tools you need to escape the cultural brainwashing and make your way to glorious freedom.

You get:

The monthly masterclass

The monthly journal book

The life design facebook community

Live q&a


Tifany Lee’s virtual adventure subscription brings you a monthly adventure focused on becoming the epiC movie star hero of your dreams.

This month is The Zombie un brain washing. Rid yourself of all of your loser indoctrination. Rise as the one of the heroes dedicated to saving conservative values in order to live a happy life. Be surrounded by others on the same quest.

4 hours a day video/movie selection

Daily link to what I am watching

Husband war comedy hour

Coming issues:

Conservative Medicine show

Cherokee Irish nature life DIY recipes

Dreaming out loud