About me

Hi! I’m Tifany.

I look super serious here… but I’m really not.

I’m a modern prophet — all the spiritual gifts quizzes say so! — and I’m not above sharing a meme if I think it might set you free.

Why, God?

I invite you into this peculiar church community of sorts where we can do bible studies of a different nature. We can meditate…the biblical way. My study of scripture has revealed that meditation is not emptying your mind… far from it.

I use tools like meditation and visualization, along with faith based methodologies to free people from the crippling constraints of doubt, guilt, and fear. I believe, and have seen, that faith is a different frequency and attracts different results if you can dial it in.

You are here.

Where eastern religion, secular new thought, and traditional church fail, is where we begin…

My study of spirituality has given me a freedom that I have expressed through the arts. I have had the audacity to believe that I didn’t have to follow the idea that I had to float down the river of life, avoiding obstacles, but to captain my own ship and decide where I wanted to go, where God was leading me.

I believed at first, like the good third wave feminist I was educated brainwashed to be, that enslavement is the patriarchy. That backwards and uneducated folks opposed the equality of women. That archaic practices of religion and the out of date bible imposes unfair expectations on women.

While I had been given my faith by my mother and knew God to be the source of love and truth, I didn’t see God reflected in religion.

I pursued modernity, fame, and a fast lifestyle that might have killed me had I not held two values higher than all others: freedom and wisdom. These twin towers stopped me from being completely subsumed by the world.

In a series of both deeply personal and world events, a slow dawning occurred that illuminated where true enslavement lay: the ideological systems that hold the world in its web — feminism, liberalism, and legalism, science… or the natural, physical world.

My freedom came when I was finally released from the prison of fear, doubt, guilt and shame, anxiety and depression.

I found Jesus who lit the knowledge I had been consuming for decades — of spirituality, of philosophy — on fire. The bible transformed from archaic old scrolls to a living, breathing manual of light that lit my way.

And ignited my faith.

Favor, prosperity, and a depth of relationships not possible from my previous mindset followed. And I have been strengthened, encouraged, and emboldened to pursue my vision of fulfillment, expansion, and freedom and share it with you.

I’ve got lots of resources here for you. You can join my podcast where I coach once a week. I have some exciting series coming up for coaching opportunities like story coaching and heroine’s journey.

I’d love you to visit me at my social channels: IG and Facebook. Both have their own flavor where I do different stuff.

If you would like to go deeper, apply to work with me 1:1 here.