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Where is the Beauty in Art?

Eww. Why.

Paul Joseph Watson decries the last several decades that elevates the most base and lacking in individuality.

Depraved, vulgar, ugly, homogeneous, lacking in all moral value and individuality.

Lacking inspiration, divinity, beauty, individuality, talent, exaltation of human accomplishment.

It is the weaponization of popular culture for the destruction of Western civilization. Muslims immerse themselves in our culture to become more radicalized. We provide our enemies with a justifiable reason to destroy us.

Reject Marxist popular culture.

Elevate independent art.

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How to read Zombie U

Zombie U is a Facebook Play written in the comments. A quick and fun read adapted from the stageplay I wrote in 2011, this interactive drama is about food, population, trash, politics, monsters, TV, movies, murder, college, family, love, terrorism, intelligence, Pubs and Dems…

Here’s the link:

Comment below your thoughts. And share, share, share.

If you like the play and would like to pre-order your own copy, hit the shop button above. Zombie U is for pre-order sale in traditional play form as well as a facebook post book and as an eBook.

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The evil twin experiment

This week’s free printable comes to us from the always fun Heroine Taylor, author of the Apocalypse Papers.

Inspired by the stress of family relationships and lack of communication over the Christmas holiday that sparked my biggest life epiphany yet, shadow work continues to drive my own personal development.

What is shadow work?

Carl Jung defined the term as the part of our personality that is oftentimes hidden from us and yet controls a significant portion of our behaviors. The allusion to darkness is appropriate as shadow work deals with subconscious habits that can be largely ego-driven and destructive.

Dealing with the shadows of our personality is not what anyone would consider a fun task. It involves the ugliest parts of ourselves and is highly uncomfortable to behold. But the flip side of buckling down and digging up our skeletons is that we can arrive on the other side of change with a quickness that is surprising.

Spend months, years, and decades trying to let go of bad behaviors that can be dealt with in minutes with shadow work.

Before you run screaming from this post, let me encourage you to try out this week’s exercise by illuminating the brilliance of the design of the evil twin experimemt and my own story. I start with my own experience.

My mother is my own cautionary tale of the inability to study one’s own flaws. Her insistence on positivity has gone far beyond optimism and now is her defense mechanism.

It is Christmas Day and my mother has arrived after her busy social calendar is completed, complaining of everything she has to do. This is not news to me as I have been trying to advise her to scale back for years. That she completely disregards my advice while putting everyone in front of her own family is old hat.

She is hellbent on exercising demons out of me (read: my husband) and simultaneously sings her own praises while passive aggressively