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Dream Out Loud

Proclamations are more powerful than affirming a desire by thought because it has the breath of the Life behind it to carry it forward and reflect in your world.

  1. Speak proclamations onto your loved ones and watch them blossom.
  2. Proclaim raises, rising higher in your life and extravagant blessings.
  3. Proclaim luxury.
  4. Declare triumph, victory over your adversities.
  5. Turn your failures and challenges into miracles of proclamations.
  6. Spark sumptuous creative energy that propels you forward and gives you your place in life.

You get the monthly master class

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Community group for experiences, best practices, implementation techniques, proclamations support.

Learn how to use proclamations in your life to change your relationships, your business, health, and life.


Not only did I escape a positive thinking cult in my twenties, I also swung out of the apocalypse that is the progressively liberal arts educations.

This work is based on the Christian principles of my upbringing and the very American freedom to do what I want.