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Song and Dance

It’s been a busy week in Tifany Lee land.

My recording tests started earlier in the spring have given way to full-on on recording sessions in progress now. This album, so long in the making, feels like it is close enough to touch.

I am wrapping up the mix for a giveaway song for my email subscribers, so you will get the opportunity to hear it soon! It is a cover, but indicative of the mood and form of the album.

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New video up now on YouTube

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I have also been finding places to perform in my neck of the woods here in Acworth and Woodstock in the great state of Georgia.

I played several times at Reformation Brewery in Woodstock. This is a beautiful venue that is family friendly and loves live music.

Watch my performance here.

I also played downtown Ball Ground before the 4th which I always loved playing outside — it’s my favorite venue.

I played at Southern Muggs in Cartersville to a quaint and cute coffee shop attached to a local Boutique wine store.

Oooh la la.

Catch my song Spin from Smuggs.

I was using my friend Dr Ed’s beautiful black Rainsong guitar. This amazing guitar not only sounds beautiful, but is made so that it can withstand a nuclear blast (or a long stay in a hot car).

My old cedar top has finally been fixed for the stage by my immaculate friend Vicky who wired Lady Luck, long out of commission.

Catch our episode of 2 Girls and a Soldering Gun.

If you skip to the end, youll catch the joyous moment when the red button lights up. Lol

I have been trying to visualize how I would implement an online dance class. I would love the opportunity to take my dance teaching experience and translate it to online. I have been really focused on tuning my body for this record and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments.

I would love to share my method of, I hate to call it exercise because it is so much more than that, but the way I tune my body to perform, my daily happy pill, and my physical connection to the divine.

Catch a vid here.

I’m corny as hell, no? Lol

Still, if I could figure out a way to surmount all the technical challenges of such an enterprise, I think it would be mega fun and absolutely change people’s lives and how they look at their body.

Im playing around with Instagram, youtube, and facebook trying to find my forever social media home. What’s your favorite hangout? Reply back to answer the question for realz or just to chat, and i will love you forever. 💗

Anywho… til next week. Toodle loo!

💗 Tifany