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The Love Challenge

Preparations for Valentine’s day begin in our head this week as we fill up our hearts in preparation for the big day. Whether you have a dearly beloved or not, let’s develop a happy skip in our step as we bound our way towards the big day. Of course spouses will benefit from increased amounts of happiness and love, and a large dose of self-love for singles comes just in time to brace for the sometimes dreaded day of being reminded of happy couples.

This is the challenge: take 5 minutes for the next 5 days and imbue your thoughts with one of the five qualities listed in this week’s life design worksheet: gratitude. forgiveness, synchronicities, love, and adoration. Record any observations throughout the day. I would love to hear about any thought and/or mood changes, epiphanies, and miracles that occur! Hit reply or connect with us on our new facebook page.

Here is my epiphany from the exercise—I am experiencing some family issues (thanks, election!) and have been dwelling in anger and hurt, my thoughts circling over and over actions and words passed between close family members. I consciously reached for grateful thoughts when I would notice my thought pattern begin to obsess. It was a reach to find gratitude, and I definitely noticed my thoughts reach a crescendo when the gratitude finally broke through and cleaned my mind of these obsessive thought patterns that have been dogging me for months now. There is a lot to unpack within this one scenario and I will have lots to study, but in the meantime, my heart and mind is blissfully clear.

I am not a perfect student—one reason I like acting more as a facilitator than teacher—and I confess that I was riding so high from the first day of gratitude that I didn’t have a lot of negativity going on to counteract for the remainder of the challenge. Let’s hope that you get as much out of gratitude as I did/do, but you never know where your revelation lies.

Remember: if you find yourself throughout the day coming back to thoughts that do not serve, fill them with the quality of the day. Know that your thoughts may try and take a stronghold when they feel threatened. It is always darkest…before the epiphany.

I am curious: what quality of emotion will be your transformation?

❤️ Tifany